What to expect from a home staging consultation & why it is worth it

home staging consultation waterloo sold
The homeowners of this kitchen followed our home staging consultation recommendations very closely. Within 30 days this Waterloo home was already sold.


Your home is likely your greatest asset. Of course you deserve the most return when selling. As soon as you plan to put it on the market, it becomes a product. Every product needs tweaking before hitting the shelves. Like a book in a bookstore among hundreds, your home needs to stand out and gain attention, so buyers can’t wait to purchase it. A home staging consultation by Homes with Style can help in making that your reality.


As home stagers, our goal is to:
  • Help your home show its best over the competition.
  • Develop the imagination and cause excitement and buzz about the property.
  • Help it sell for maximum profit in less time.


How do we achieve this? 

A home staging consultation is the foundation of an investment prior to selling your home. We take a tour of the property, from the perspective of a buyer. It usually takes 1-2+ hours, depending on the size of the home. We look at the bare bones of your home and ask ourselves – what is the best way to:

  • Show the potential of each room?
  • Maximize the space available?
  • Ensure the property meets the expectations of buyers at the proposed price point?


home staging consultation K-W offer
Does staging work? This K-W home we staged, received an offer the same day it was listed.


We take the role of a buyer as we make detailed notes on a room-by-room checklist. This often involves recommendations on landscaping, fixing, cleaning, painting, minimizing certain items or how to arrange furniture, artwork and decor to the best layout of the room. You may require a painter or contractor if you prefer to hire out instead. All of these recommendations work towards impressing buyers and bringing focus to the home’s best qualities.


“Our house is sold already. Friday afternoon done deal… Thanks again for your input of expertise.

MARLENE M. — homeowner, Elmira


After the consultation, you will receive the full detailed report of our property assessment. You don’t need to feel intimidated. It is no different than an editor for an author before it goes to publishing. We work for you, and we are simply giving you our best professional opinion on what will add value to your home and make buyers submit an offer.


home staging consultation waterloo sold
What can you expect? Our home consultations include recommendations on bedding, artwork, and streamlined decor. As seen in this home we staged, the difference is aimed to wow.


A home staging consultation is an important investment in preparation for selling your home. However, by forgoing our recommendations, your home is likely to sit, for longer, with a greater chance of price reductions. Your first price reduction could drop your listing price substantially, by the thousands. Our home staging consultations currently start at only $200. By following our recommendations, your home will be marketed to impress buyers, lead to more offers, and sell sooner at a price you deserve. Our next blog post will address why a home consultation is only the first step and how home staging is just as important.


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