7 Christmas Organization Tips to Keep You in the Festive Spirit

December 9, 2019

Getting ready for Christmas can sometimes feel like a chore. Between the planning, prepping, cooking, hosting, shopping, and everything else in between the mere thought of organization during the Christmas season can feel stressful.

Here are 7 organizations tips to help keep you in the festive spirit and help you feel productive this Christmas season.

1.Declutter and Organize

Getting rid of stuff can be very therapeutic, and goes a long way in keeping your home in order throughout the holiday season. Here are a few important tasks to include:

  •  Make room in your coat closet for your guests’ things.
  • Focus on high traffic areas and clear the clutter from your bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen
  • Get rid of kitchen gadgets you never really use so you have plenty of free space.
  • Clear away unnecessary items from bathrooms and spare bedrooms.

2. Decorate Early
Don’t wait until the last minute to decorate. Showcasing the best of your holiday décor is a perk of hosting your holiday celebrations, but putting up those decorations is a huge job. One of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit is simply getting the job done before the season is in full swing.


    3. Downsize your décor
    As you begin to pull your holiday decorations from storage, keep your favourite items and donate the rest. Keep only what you truly enjoy and pass along the rest for somebody else to enjoy.

    4. Keep it simple
    Hosting comes with its share of responsibilities, so don’t feel the need to overwhelm yourself. It’s about the quality of time, not how elaborate you spent your time!

    5. Look at your home with fresh eyes
    Walkthrough your home as if you were a stranger. Focus on the areas your guests will occupy. Simply putting things away right after they’re used, eliminating the clutter, quickly wiping down an area after use, and taking inventory of things that you might be running low on will reduce the risk of a curveball when you have a guest announce a last-minute visit.


    6. Don’t be a lone ranger
    Getting ready for Christmas is a huge job. At this time of year we're all deep in the holiday trenches and can commiserate our fair share of holiday prep stories. We all understand what it takes to pull off the season, that's why what we're about to suggest can feel scary, but...don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements and lighten your load.

    • Instead of making every dish, focus on the main dish and ask each guest to bring a side dish.
    • While you focus on the meal have your partner focus on the decluttering (or vice versa).
    • Ask a few close friends to come over and assist with cooking or chores. Who knows…it could become a new tradition.

    7. Consider hiring a professional
    If decorating and organizing your home for the Christmas season feels overwhelming, consider hiring a professional, like Homes with Style. We LOVE getting ready for the holidays. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes and a few ideas is all you need to feel confident and ready for the holidays. Perhaps you want to eliminate the stress all-together and have a professional take care of all of your holiday décor needs. The idea is to enjoy the holiday season, not stress out about it. Focus on the areas that you most enjoy and feel liberated by outsourcing the rest.


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