8 Tips for Christmas Decorating with Pets

December 14, 2019

Having a new puppy during the Christmas season poses its own set of challenges. However, you can have a beautifully decorated home for the holidays and still be pet-friendly.

Stabilize the Tree
Trees don’t always need to go in the corner of a room, but wherever you put your tree make sure you stabilize it in a stand, and if possible to the wall as well. This will make it secure and prevent it from falling over.

Choose your ornaments wisely
You can still use grandma’s antique ornaments, just make sure they’re on the higher branches and you wire them to the branch to keep them from falling. Avoid decorating with food such popcorn, candy or nuts. They can entice dogs and pose a choking hazard. Also, make sure ornament hooks are out of reach.

Avoid tinsel, angels hair, flocking, etc.
Anything shiny and fluffy can look can be irresistible to curious pets. Once it’s eaten it can become trapped inside your pets intestines, requiring surgery, and could be fatal if not caught early enough.


Watch out for toxic holiday plants
Mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, lilies, and pine needles all look wonderful but they can all pose a danger to your pet. Instead consider using red roses, white orchids and Christmas cacti for a safe, yet gorgeous option.

Keep an eye on candles
Lit candles should be high up and out of reach from excited tails, and pets who like to jump up.

Unplug Christmas lights when you’re not home.
Keep electrical cords up off the floor also ensures pets won’t chew them.

Wrap tin foil around the trunk of your tree
Cats and dogs don’t like the feeling of brushing up on tin foil. Wrapping tin foil around your tree base is an effective way to dissuade your pets from gnawing on or playing with the trunk.

Consider pet-friendly ornaments

  • Simple twig or paper decorations dyed with food colour are inexpensive and safe ornaments
  • Shatterproof Christmas ornaments can last for years, and won’t be damaged by nosy pets knocking them off the tree.
  • Silk Christmas ornaments are a great alternative to glass and won’t hurt Fido if he decides to play with it.


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